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The most AAwful day

The day was Saturday, July 15, 2023. I was traveling on a business class AAdvantage award ticket. My flight from Orlando (MCO) to Miami (MIA) was 3 hours late due to late incoming aircraft, weather, incredibly long baggage loading process, and lastly, returning to the terminal to correct a badly loaded and imbalanced airplane. Naturally I missed my connection in Miami and there wasn't another direct one to my destination for four days. The connecting airline refused to help me because was on an AA award ticket.

The staff in the Admiral's club then also refused to offer me help even though was on an international codeshare flight. I had a testy exchange with one of the Club's hostesses when I tried to take her picture with my phone for documentation purposes. I was rebooked and confirmed (with boarding pass and seat assignment) on a much delayed later flight back to MCO by a wonderful gentleman at the AA Priority ticket counter.

To make a long story short, 3 hours later I was ultimately denied boarding on the flight by a negative report that the Admiral's Club hostess had filed about me? I ended up renting a car after midnight and driving back to central Florida.

Details and additional pictures available on request...

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